The New Enclosures : Critical Perspectives on Corporate Land Deals

Edited by Ben White, Edited by Saturnino M. Borras, Edited by Ruth Hall, Edited by Ian Scoones, Edited by Wendy Wolford

This collection explores the complex dynamics of corporate land deals from a broad agrarian political economy perspective, with a special focus on the implications for property and labour regimes, labour processes and structures of accumulation. This involves looking at ways in which existing patterns of rural social differentiation - in terms of class, gender, ethnicity and generation - are being shaped by changes in land use and property relations, as well as by the re-organization of production and exchange as rural communities and resources are incorporated into global commodity chains. It goes further than the descriptive what and who questions, in order to understand the how and why of these patterns. It is empirically solid and theoretically sophisticated, making it a robust and boundary-changing work. Contributors come from various scholarly disciplines. Covering nearly all regions of the world, the collection will be of interest to researchers from various disciplines, policymakers and activists. This book was originally published as a Special Issue of the Journal of Peasant Studies.