The House of Ulysses

Julian Rios,Nick Caistor

Juli?n R?oss latest comic extravaganza is at once a serious literary excavation and a lecture as delivered by Groucho Marx on the subject of that great (and often imposing) cornerstone of world literature: James Joyces Ulysses. Every book is born out of an earlier book (or books), and much as Joyces novel unraveled Homer scene by scene, R?oss The House of Ulysses returns the favor, giving us the story of several bickering characters hoping to get to the bottom of Joyces masterpiece (by force, if necessary), their conversation walking the line between a slapstick parody of the Joyce industry and a legitimate guide for the perplexed. Focusing on each of Ulysses characters, ideas, and references in turn, The House of Ulysses provides a playful, punning, ideal companion for the experienced Joycean and cautious Ulysses-procrastinator alike: one novel dreaming its way through another.