The Future of the Global Church DVD-ROM : Collection Collection

Patrick Johnstone

The 2013 Outreach Magazine Resource of the Year in Global Outreach! The Future of the Global Church DVD-ROM, is your ultimate digital collection of materials from Patrick Johnstones research. Designed for teachers, churches, presenters and researches, it will equip you with the data, graphics and presentations that will engage Christians with the past history, present activity and future challenge of global evangelization. This amazingly useful resources includes: access to download The Future of the Global Church PDF every image and map from the book in 5 downloadable formats 60 additional, exclusive PowerPoint presentations (with speakers notes) made by the books author, Patrick Johnstone permissions that allow you to use this information in your own research and teaching By purchasing this digital collection, you will fully experience The Future of the Global Church with immediate access to everything on the DVD-ROM and with online access to the same materials after free registration at The Future of the Global Church website. (You may also view samples, purchase online-only access and/or upgrade to commercial use permission at the FOGC website.) (Published by Global Mapping International.)