Pro WPF, Windows Presentation Foundation in.NET 3.0

Matthew MacDonald

The Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (formerly code named Avalon) is a key part of .NET 3.0 and provides the foundation for building applications and high quality user experiences in Windows Vista. It is likely to see wide adoption across the Microsoft .NET programming community. WPF blends together user-interface design, documents, and media content, while exploiting the full power of your computer for the first time (it is able to write output directly to your computers graphics card). This book explains how WPF works from the ground up. It will be one of the first books available, and also one of the most detailed. It follows on from the author s previous, and highly successful books, covering Windows Forms (WPFs predecessor technology). It is a one-stop shop in Apress proven Pro style that leaves readers with a deep understanding of the technology and able to take the concepts away and apply them for themselves.