Preventing & Managing Osteoporosis

Sarah Hall Gueldner

Osteoporosis - an insidious and crippling skeletal disease characterized by low bone mass, systemic deterioration of bone tissue, and increase in bone fragility and susceptibility to fracture - has now reached epidemic proportions among postmenopausal women. This excellent collection of recent articles by specialists from medicine, nursing, nutrition, exercise physiology, physical therapy, and demography addresses the many challenges of a disease that for too long has been dismissed as a normal part of aging. The volume first presents compelling statistics on the incidence and personal, social, and financial impact of this often preventable and treatable disease. Personal portraits then give a face and voice to those behind the statistics who are forced to cope with bent and fragile bones that may give way suddenly and painfully. Finally, encouraging information is offered on recent diagnostic and treatment breakthroughs that enhance doctors ability to prevent and detect osteoporosis and better manage its unwelcome consequences. Written in an accessible manner, this highly informative reference work will be of great interest to all women, especially those diagnosed with osteoporosis and their loved ones.