My Grandma Has Alzheimer?s

Lola Carlile, Illustrated by Joann Sands

My Grandma Has Alzheimers is a poignant view of a sweet grandma who has the debilitating disease called Alzheimers as experienced and told by her grandchild. The book employs a sense of gentle humor and facts from the lifes journey of one such grandma - Betty Rae. The hope of the author is that others will be better prepared to endure and deal with this long goodbye to their loved one by reading and interacting with the book. The pictures are by an amazing artist in England. Joann Sands graciously consented to be a part of this project when first approached and the tone and design of her art compliments the issue of Alzheimers - busy, detailed, and sometimes quite confusing. The purchase of this book will allow a continuation of the program entitled MASABI, which allows art therapists to provide free and low-cost art therapy counseling to individuals and groups in the Northwest USA.