Musically Yours, Bella : Bella` Story of Love & Life

Katarina Bellarina

This is the first novella in a romantic series about the charming and wistful Jamaican/Canadian beauty Bella Nichole Desjardins. As her romance develops after a chance meeting in the streets of Toronto, intriguing secrets from her past threaten to endanger her newly found love and her future.... Enjoy this romantic yarn that begins our journey through the life, love and family of Bella Nichole Desjardins thru a series of chance meetings and letters. I hope you enjoy reading about Bella as much as I enjoyed writing it. Join us in the next installment where we will learn more about Bellas parents, their backgrounds, and their family life. Bellas sisters will return to us with news of their own adventures, especially Prieta and a possible crisis of faith. Of course there will be the all-important development of Joseph and Bellas relationship. However, he must first get through the hedge of protection that is Auntie Mae. Where will Gunnar Jr.s inquiries lead? Is he actually searching for Bella? Will Helena give him the answers that he needs, or will she send him packing? Only time will tell. However, every second counts as Bella and Joseph become closer as lovers. Included in the storm of romance and intrigue will be the life and death of Bradley Bingham, beloved woodwind player of Caribou Kaleidoscope. Gunnar Sr. and Naomi come to a crossroads in their marriage that might only get worse without the familys help. Liam and Jason travel together as a musical duo and plot a return to Jamaica. Thank you for your support! Never stop reading! Never stop loving! -Musically Yours