LAN Switching First-Step

Matthew Castelli

Your first step into the world of LAN switchingNo LAN switching experience required Includes clear and easily understood explanations Makes learning easyYour first step to LAN switching begins here!Learn local-area network (LAN) key concepts and terminology Identify key issues involved with designing and managing a switched LAN Answer the question: do I need a hub, a bridge, or a switch?Welcome to the world of LAN switching!Network switches work by connecting network paths together and making intelligent decisions about moving traffic in a network. By keeping track of changes in the network, switches reduce congestion and improve speed.No LAN switching experience needed!LAN Switching First-Step explains the basics of LAN switching in easy-to-grasp language that all of us can understand. This book takes you on a guided tour of the key concepts behind how bridges and switches work. Whether you are looking to take your first step into a career in networking or are interested in just gaining a conversational knowledge of the technology, this book is for you!