Isolated, Connected, Kyu-Shu Island : In a Triangle of Western Influence, Communism and Tradition, a Boy Was Born and Raised in a Village, Far from the

Yumiko Hana Da

to Yuki, my daughter, who couldnt be 16 years old This is the story about your gran-pa, we used to talk for years. He was born in the militarism rising age but in a forested area, far from politics and economies. He was raised in a triangle, western influence, communism and tradition. You like this girl too, ne? (from the text) When Yone was 14, she found her head had been filled with Shiro for long. My mother might notice it Yone remembered the days clearly. Mother said, Rumor is in the air. There is a hiding Kirishitan in the Hanadas. A few months later, father said, Youll marry the man in the village beyond the river. Next week the man came to me while I was caring goats. He talked to me, and then touched my hip. I was dashing to somewhere. When I noticed, I was on a big tree in the forest. I didnt know how long I had been there. I heard bushes rustled. Something was running. It was the Shiro, he was chased by a wild pig. Common! He looked up me and climbed up the tree. We laughed a lot. I do like the way he runs. Maybe caz the legs are longer than other boys. After the Bon Dance night, (Yone came to be 16) mother noticed the change of my body. Father walked out with sharpened scythes in both hands to kill Shiro. to Beth, my mentor, who inspired me to write a story about the island when my father passed away on my 40th birthday to Valeria, my ex-neighbor, who told me Christianity in Portuguese to Young Sook, my ex-next-door, who spent daily life together The moment I met your husbands parents from South Korea, I thought my fathers brother and sister were in front of me. They gave great influence on this tale. to Noriko, my mama-tomo, who has the origin in the islands in line between Kyu-shu and Taiwan