I. M. Donne` Blood Vow Devil` Pact

L M Reed

From deep in the Black Forest, for centuries, tales of every evil creature imaginable pass from generation to generation. Witches, ghosts, zombies, werewolves, vampires.a nightmarish parade of demonic manifestations.are said to plague the nearby villagers whose houses boast an incongruous collection of crosses, wolfs bane, garlic wreaths, and rosemary. In thirteenth century Europe, that very forest is where Archduke Wolfgang von Jaeger finds himself, in search of a cure for the family curse handed down from father to son for hundreds of years. Although he unearths the means to exorcise the malady, the Archduke pays a high price, transforming into the stuff of nightmares, the scourge of mankind, the one creature feared above all others. Blautsauger!