How to Feed a Family of Four : When Your Money is Tight and Not Right!

Juanita Brown

Ms. Juanita Brown: mother, chef, and businesswoman, tells her story...Ive had two failed marriages and both times, I was left to raise three children with very little money. At the end of my first marriage, thoughts of a lack of food from my own childhood were the driving forces and inspiration for me not to let my children go hungry. The memories of watching my grandmother preparing meals from scratch resulted in my family and I not going hungry. At the end of my second marriage, voices of How did I get here again? rang loud and clear. Knowing that Ive come through this before, I knew I could come through it again, however there was a twist that made feeding my children this time a bit tougher. The reality was this: I was fifty years old, Id lost my home, had no job, I was working on a new career path, the economy was at its worst, gas prices were between $4 and $5 dollars a gallon, and food costs were at their highest. How would I feed my family? Read this amazing story of victory and triumph in the midst of crisis. How to Feed a Family of Four is filled with whimsical and heart-wrenching stories, along with some mouthwatering recipes as an added treat, which give us excellent practical life applications that will surely help us find out how you too can feed your family!