Frontier of Fear

Michael Hartland

The new master of the espionage novel. - WESTERN MORNING NEWS Superior stuff - taut, well-observed, original. - THE TIMES Fast-moving thriller of sexual blackmail. - TODAY Suspense builds from start to finish - the author will rank alongside le Carre, Deighton and Follett. - WEST COAST REVIEW OF BOOKS The unmistakable stamp of authenticity - he writes supremely well. - WESTERN MORNING NEWS The women are not mere decorations - they are at the heart of the action - CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR DR NAZIM KHAN - THE SECRETIVE MASTERMIND OF PAKISTANS NUCLEAR WEAPONS PROGRAMME And the target of British Intelligence officer Sarah Cable, now twenty-six, ambitious and strikingly attractive. Her task is to worm her way into his trust - if need be, via his bed . . . The job is distasteful, vital and dangerous. One agent is already dead. Three more await public execution. But there are greater dangers. In Moscow, Gorbachev, struggling to withdraw from Afghanistan, faces revolt from the Soviet military, still determined to crush the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan. An unstable nuclear-armed Pakistan could be drawn in and set half the world ablaze. Sarahs courage, ingenuity - and her humanity - are about to be tested to breaking point.