Fifty and Furious : Wading Through Hell

Donovan Adkisson

Wade is a lovable bastard. He loves women. He loves booze. He loves his wife and children. And he has loved them in that order for most of his manly existence. Yes, Wade is a lovable bastard. The universe, if you havent already discovered, has a sense of humor, albeit sometimes dark. In that humor, youre given what you want and what you need. Somewhere along the line, it becomes apparent that youre supposed to choose the need part in order to survive. The universe gets moody when you dont start making better choices. It seems that the universe started getting moody with Wade. This is the story of a father, husband and friend that seemed to make the wrong choices throughout his life, but never really suffered the consequences of those choices until one fateful day when it all came crashing down around him. Follow him on a journey of self discovery and the destination of wrong choices, but also as he discovers that its never too late to change.