Encyclopedia of Rainforests

Diane Jukofsky

Explore the magic and mystery of the worlds tropical rainforests in this fascinating volume that brings to life the plants, animals, and people that inhabit this fragile ecosystem. Focusing on the forests situated in the land area between the Tropics of Cancer and the Tropics of Capricorn, the Encyclopedia provides a rich and thorough presentation of the scientific, political, and economic significance of the region. An introductory essay vividly describes the worlds tropical forests and sets the stage for understanding the mystery and complexity surrounding the rainforest. More than 50 percent of the worlds known plants and animals live in the rainforests. Parts of the book offer interesting descriptions of forest wildlife including amphibians, birds, fish, insects, spiders, mammals, and reptiles and plants, especially flowering plants, ferns, and gymnosperms. Entries in the People section cover 100 forest-dwelling indigenous groups and 54 of the naturalists, scientists, explorers, and activists from around the world who had-or have-an important role in our understanding of rainforests and their conservation. Other parts discuss the principal causes of deforestation, describe efforts to save the tropical forests, and offer extensive lists of rainforest resources, including print and video materials, Web sites, government agencies, conservation groups and international organizations, and organizations and government agencies in the United States and Canada. Maps, charts and graphs, and fifty-four quality color photographs enhance the accessible and easy-to-understand text and help to make this an excellent reference for younger audiences who want to learn about the incredible diversity and complexity of life in tropical forests.