Einstein, Et. Al Manifestation, Conflict Revolution & the New Operating System

Barbara Lee With

In 1905, Albert Einstein produced five scientific theories that revolutionized the world. Among them was E=MC2, perhaps the most famous mathematical equation in history. His theory of relativity predicted the existence of gravitational waves as the basis of all physical matter. One hundred years later, scientists at the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) proved the existence of Einsteins gravitational waves by recording the sound of two black holes colliding, thus fulfilling his predictions. This discovery is considered a major breakthrough in modern science and has Einstein revolutionizing the way scientists see the world 60 years after his death. Einstein, et. al: Manifestation, Conflict REVOLUTION(R) & The New Operating System takes these predictions further by providing not just maps of these gravitational waves, but a scientific definition of the 5th Fundamental Force of the universe-Compassion-and how it uses the other four fundamental forces to manifest matter, one particle at a time, to create the entire universe. Withs Imagined Einstein goes on to theorize how human consciousness interacts with these waves, as well as a practical formula for humanity to create world peace, one person at a time, starting with self. Based on decades of research and development by the author and thousands of people around the world, Conflict REVOLUTION(R) takes E=MC2 and turns it into a process for each individual to bring peace first to his or her own wave, and then project that peace into the physical world. The results have been what Withs Imagined Einstein calls installing a new operating system, wherein you become intuitively guided by Compassion and in any given moment inspired to take control of your own Domain, where your power truly lies. Utilizing what are referred to as the three Human Dimensions-Emotion, Intuition, and Intellect-Conflict REVOLUTION(R) teaches you how to use free will to get out of the way and allow Compassion to naturally manifest in your life for the greatest good of the entire situation, whatever it may be. As each individual brings peace to his or her own life, the planet changes as well. In this way, we can create world peace, one person at a time, starting with each individual. Come along on an intricate, intimate journey into how matter manifests and how our relationship to our three Human Dimensions influences the manifestation of that matter. Study the maps of human consciousness and this revolutionary new unified field theory. Who else but Einstein could reach from beyond the grave to deliver the next revolution in human existence? With says, My hope is to inspire you to new ways of thinking and acting to free you from the degenerative dramas of conflict and redirect your precious life force into becoming the change you wish to see in the world, first from within. In this way, one person at a time, we change the entire world.