Birds : Divine Messengers

Andrea Wansbury

Both natives of the air and ground, birds symbolise knowledge and wisdom from higher realms filtering down into our conscious minds. They reflect back to us the continuation of the soul and the souls ability to move between the spiritual realm and earth. By rising from the ground and into the air, birds show us that we can rise above any obstacle and fear in life, gaining an overview of life from a higher perspective. Life is continuous with no beginning or end as the symbol of the egg demonstrates. Holding the answers to all of lifes mysteries, nature is really our greatest spiritual teacher. Birds are a big part of this natural world, teaching us the precious and timeless Universal principles, spiritual truths and divine wisdom - the tools and ideals we all need to know and grasp as we embark on our spiritual journeys. And, in turn, by understanding these concepts, we begin to understand our lives and ourselves better, and from a higher perspective. As part of the angelic realm and like their traditional counterparts, birds bring messages of divine guidance at a time when we most need to hear it. Each bird brings its own specific message, for example, a heron brings the message solitude, a falcon loyalty, a lark healing and a duck faith. Birds explains how to recognise when birds are delivering a personal message and the importance of then applying this guidance to our lives.