A Guide to Codependency : Making the Condition Understandable to Anyone Who Wants to Know

J P Cusick

A Guide to Codependency is a new edition to the self-help field as it gives the reader a critical but realistic understanding of the powerful human condition so unromantically called codependency. The Guide takes a reader through a fascinating description of the human psychology going through the dynamics of human feelings and emotions, both in the healthy ways and the dysfunctional ways too. The Guide will be informative and helpful to a beginner, but it is also written in decisive and challenging terms for those who want to go far beyond beginnings and take the recovery of codependency to the maximum. This book is not intended to replace or supersede other books about the subjects it addresses as it is intended to be the next step in the process of full recovery. Codependency is a learned dysfunctional behavior and it is completely curable.